I am a snack-a-holic! I have no self-control when it comes to food. When I buy snacks, I swear I don’t intend to eat them all in one sitting. I like to think I can make them last. Biscuits! I buy biscuits so that I can maybe have one or two to accompany my morning coffee. But no. I end up eating the whole packet.

I bought these puffed rice snacks which I have had before in Australia. You get about a dozen cakes in the pack. They’re oblong cakes made of puffed rice glued together with some sort of honey-like toffee. I bought two packets for my cupboard, in hope that they would fill my cupboard which has been so incredibly empty for the last month and a bit. At present, there are so many pieces of empty packaging right in front of me. Along with sticky crumbs on my coffee table, on the floor and stuck to the bottom of my socks.

So, before I clean all that mess up, I thought I’d write a little about my day. Today was a beautifully sunny day in Shenzhen. It was so warm outside, and there was a positive vibe in the street. Everyone seemed happy. As I walked to work, a huge group of primary school kids were hanging around, laughing and shouting, eating snacks and checking out the toys at the small side street stalls.


I wasn’t looking forward to going to work today. Yesterday, I was feeling a little down, so despite the weather, it was hard to leave my apartment. It turned out that my classes today went quite well! Well, they felt as if they did. Students were happy and although I was quite busy, my plans and preparation all seemed to pay off.

I had the most delicious lunch of 炒饭 (fried rice) from the supermarket deli on the bottom floor of my building. It was so full of flavour, a tad spicy and only 10 yuan! 10 yuan for a box that was packed with scrumptious rice and veg!

On my way home, I stopped by 王子拉茶 and ordered a rose flavoured teh tarik. I was a little frustrated as it turns out I had been saying the wrong word to order something for take away. For the last three or four weeks, I thought it was 投保. Someone had muttered those words to me at one stage, and looking them up in the dictionary, the closest thing I could find was 投保 toubao -take out.

Well, today, the lady serving me my milk tea gave me such a confused look that I knew I must have it terribly wrong… The girl behind her muttered ‘da bao’ which I repeated back to her. She nodded, so I must have pronounced it O.K.  I left the shop and opened the dictionary on my phone. Typing in the words, it came up with 打包 – ‘to put left overs in a doggy bag’. Well, that makes sense. So where did I go wrong, I wondered. I decided to look up the word I originally thought could be used to ask for ‘take away’. Apparently I should have read the definition more clearly. 投保 ‘tou bao’ was indeed ‘take out’ – but not ‘take-out‘. It means ‘to take out INSURANCE’! Oh my heavens…

Well, I now feel enlightened! I can’t wait to order something tomorrow and use the correct word when I want it to-go. What a way to end a pretty cool day.



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